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Purim Treat-a-Thon

mini mishlochei manot for the masses

Multifandom Purim Treat-a-Thon
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multifandom short fic/graphics gift exchange
The Purim Treat-a-Thon is an anonymous multifandom fic and graphics gift exchange that takes place over three days of Purim (11-13 March 2017). LJ comm here, DW comm here, tumblr here, AO3 collection here.

On Purim, we give our friends mishlochei manot - gift baskets of food, candy, and treats for the holiday. In schools, this is often done in the form of an anonymous exchange – just like Secret Santas, except instead of presents you get a basket of treats, all wrapped up in ribbons and colorful cellophane. In fandom, of course, this translates into fics, and art, and a whole shiny basket of yum!

Signups: Tue-Mon 03-09 Jan
Works Due: Tue, 07 March
Reveals: Sat-Mon, 11-13 March

As the song goes, When Adar enters, we increase in joy, so join in! It will be joyful.
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